Member Benefits

You have a voice

Each of our 21,000 members owns a share in the Credit Union, meaning they have a say in how we run our business. We have a democratically-elected Board of Directors which set the direction and priorities of the Credit Union. Regardless of the size of your deposits, each member receives one vote.

We’re Niagara-based

Niagara is home to all of us at PenFinancial, so we have a vested interest in ensuring we do what we can to grow together and make our communities strong and vibrant.

You’re protected: The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is an agency of the Province of Ontario., which works for depositors by providing deposit insurance to protect their savings in Ontario credit unions.  FSRA provides unlimited deposit insurance protection on all registered deposits as well as $250,000 on non-registered investments - 100% guaranteed. Visit for more information.


Membership supports your friends and neighbours

As a PenFinancial Credit Union member, you’ll be helping support local not-for-profits and community organizations right here in the Niagara Region. PenFinancial donates 1% of our pre-tax earnings every year to support great community events and fundraising initiatives that positively impact our members and the community we live in.

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