Growing strong in her first home

Candice Kerling is a graduate of Brock University who works as an ecologist with a St. Catharines consulting firm. Her fascinating work includes studying land that's scheduled for development to ensure that the habitat of endangered species will not be destroyed. With her career well underway, Candice decided to buy her first home, saving diligently for a down payment. “I have always been a member of PenFinancial,” she said, “so I went and talked to the staff at my home branch. I told them I found a house I liked but it was going to be more than I planned to spend.” They carefully reviewed the numbers and were pleased to approve Candice for a mortgage. “I like PenFinancial because it's a friendly place to go,” says Candice. “If there's a problem, because they know me, it gets fixed right away.”



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