Trevor and Valerie

We'll help you take the leap

When Trevor Taylor decided to ask Valerie Kershaw to marry him, he went to see Cindy at PenFinancial to talk about his finances and the special proposal. “No one knew, not even my family, that I was going to pop the question,” says Trevor. “I told Cindy not to say anything to anybody.” Trevor, a teacher and Department Head at Eastdale Secondary School in Welland, tells that story to illustrate why he does all of his banking at PenFinancial. “The personal connection is very important. I want someone I can trust, someone that knows me and my goals,” he says. Valerie, a teacher at Centennial Secondary School in Welland, also moved her banking to PenFinancial. “I was unhappy with my bank in terms of customer service and the fees they were charging. PenFinancial is serving our best interests,” she says. By the way, Valerie said yes and she and Trevor tied the knot in October. Obviously, Cindy kept the secret!



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