Troy Garrah

League shoots and scores with PenFinancial

Troy Garrah had been playing and refereeing ball hockey for 17 years when some of the children in his neighbourhood told him they wanted to play. Troy asked the owner of the facility where he played if he could start a kids league and Niagara Ball Hockey Club was formed. Since then, the league has grown from 77 players to over 270. “I needed a financial institution that could handle the cheques and cash from the new league registrations and sponsorships.” He went to PenFinancial because he knew it was community-based. “I actually left my other bank because of PenFinancial's involvement in the community.” PenFinancial soon expressed an interest in sponsoring Niagara Ball Hockey Club, to help make the sport more affordable for young Niagara families. Niagara Ball Hockey Club is just one of the many organizations and minor sports teams that PenFinancial proudly supports.



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