We’re here to ensure that you get the most of your money. We have a wide range of investment options to help you build and preserve wealth to allow your business to grow in Niagara.

One-Year Cashable GIC - 1.65%

A Cashable GIC gives a business access to their money if they anticipate a major purchase in the not-too-distant future, or want their rainy day fund to earn a little interest. This GIC is ideal for your business if you want to earn a guaranteed competitive return while maintaining access to your funds. Click here for details.

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This unique farm account will help you manage small income declines and provide you with support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income. The AgriInvest account builds as you make annual deposits based on a percentage of your Allowable Net Sales and receive matching contributions from the federal and provincial governments.
AgriInvest Benefits include:


  • The government will match the funds you place into your AgriInvest Account
  • Flexible withdrawals – funds can be withdrawn whenever you need them
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Competitive rates

For more information about PenFinancial’s AgriInvest Account, click here or contact a PenFinancial Agricultural Specialist.

*Rate subject to change.



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