Corporate Sponsorship

Investing in Niagara to Keep our Communities Strong and Vibrant

At PenFinancial, our Commitment speaks loud and clear about the value we place on our communities. Our credit union has deep roots in Niagara and has grown through collaboration and partnerships with many different community stakeholders through the years.

As a member-owned co-operative, we have a long history of reflecting the strength of our values in forging stronger communities. Locally, this spirit helps to drive community economic development, dedicated volunteerism/knowledge sharing, community sponsorships, scholarships and a wide range of charitable giving. PenFinancial invites local organizations to submit an application for funding through our Community Investment Program.

Our Investment Pillars:

• Education- all investments related to the education of our members and communities
• Social Wellness- supporting the emotional, physical and social wellbeing of the residents of Niagara
• Economic Vitality- investing in events and programs that support social enterprise and innovative economic development opportunities
• Active Communities- taking an active role in supporting events and activities that build strong, active and healthy lifestyles

Community Investment Program Application Guidelines

• We accept Community Investment Program applications year-round.
• Requests should be received at least two months before the event takes place. The greater advance notice we are given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application.
• Please carefully consider your application as PenFinancial will sponsor only one initiative/program/event per organization per year.
• Previous support from PenFinancial does not guarantee approval of your application.
PenFinancial does not support:
• Activities/events that take place outside of the Niagara Region (ie: travelling sports teams)
• Capital Campaign donations
• Operational costs or deficits
• Travel expenses
• Private schools
• Provincial, national or international organizations where at least 80% of the proceeds/investment does not support Niagara based organization/efforts
• Individual pursuits
• Religious or political endeavours

PenFinancial Credit Union receives many applications from many worthy organizations throughout the year, however we are not in the position to fulfill all requests. You will be notified if your application is successful.

How to Apply:

Please click on the “Apply” button, and complete the information requested. Please include as much information as possible on the application form.


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