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Our Commitment

Quite simply, credit unions, like PenFinancial, are owned by members. When you open an account with us you become a member, hold a share, and have a say. We are locally based and owned by residents of our community, so growing and nurturing your financial health is important to us.

Credit unions offer the same competitive products and services that banks do, except all the decisions about the types of products we provide and the rates and investments we offer are all made locally. In a nutshell, banks make decisions to increase profits for their shareholders while credit unions, like us, make decisions based on your best interests. So, whether you’re buying your first home, opening a small business or saving for your retirement, we’ve got everything you need right here at home.

Because we are local, all deposits are reinvested in the Niagara Region by providing loans and mortgages to your friends and neighbours. We take great pride in investing in our own family too, by encouraging continuing education for our employees. We place a high value on the timely, solid advice we provide, which will help you through all the stages of your life.


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