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What are PenFinancial Niagara Shares1?

PenFinancial Niagara Shares are a great investment option that benefits you, your community, and your truly local credit union.

When you invest in Niagara Shares, you’re investing in PenFinancial as a company. As a result, PenFinancial’s capital base is strengthened, and PenFi can invest more into products and services that serve you. By investing in Niagara Shares you’re helping PenFinancial on our mission to improve lives and strengthen communities.

Historical Annual Dividend Payouts2

You can benefit in other ways too. Generally speaking, Niagara Shares offer an annual dividend that exceeds typical interest rates offered from GICs.
2020: 3.00%   |   2019: 4.00%   |   2018: 4.00%   |   2017: 3.00%

As there are only a certain amount of shares available to PenFinancial Members, there is typically a waiting list in order to be eligible to purchase Niagara Shares.

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Why invest in Niagara Shares?

  • PenFinancial is a financially stable and growing credit union.
  • Although dividends are not guaranteed, PenFinancial has consistently paid out dividends to Niagara Shares holders.2
  • Niagara Shares have a fixed redemption value and don't fluctuate in price. The only investment return is the annual dividend payout.
  • Eligible for registered and non-registered accounts.
1Niagara Shares will earn the same rate as all outstanding Class B Shares, Series 1 of the Credit Union. Niagara Shares are not deposits. Dividends are not guaranteed and may, but need not, be declared on an annual basis by the Board of Directors of the Credit Union in its sole and absolute discretion. The securities are not insured or otherwise guaranteed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario or any similar public agency. There is no market through which these securities may be sold.
2Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Where you put your money matters, Niagara

PenFinancial is committed to using business as a force for good. Banking at PenFi is about more than just money. It’s about financial solutions that generate prosperity for Members and the communities they live in.

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Interested in Niagara Shares?

There is currently a waiting list for Niagara Shares. The best way to ensure your spot when shares become available is to connect with us!