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2 min read
Planning your estate? Here are the top 5 misconceptions you need to consider

Planning your estate is one of the last things most people want to think about or discuss. Its a taboo subject which...

2 min read
Continuing to Support the Fonthill Community

What does truly local banking mean to you?

At many banks, it could mean the ability to walk into a branch located in...

3 min read
Does Your Financial Planner Have Your Back?

When it comes to managing your finances and planning for the future, having a caring and reliable financial planner by...

2 min read
Saving for post-secondary – how much do I actually need to save for my kids?

As we head into the summer, we know that September will be here before we know it. And with that, many high school...

4 min read
My mortgage is coming up for renewal in 2023 – how much is this going to hurt?

If your mortgage is coming due this year, you may be wondering how much of an impact the higher interest rates will...

5 min read
Why is everything so expensive?

Do you remember the good old days: $5 footlongs at Subway, Toonie Tuesdays at KFC or a BigMac extra value meal for less...

3 min read
“Buy now pay later” is all the rage. So what’s the deal?

Remember back in the day? “But wait… there’s more! With only 10 easy payments of $19.99, you receive not one, but TWO...

3 min read
Do I really need to start saving for my child’s education this early?

Whats the Big Deal?

The news coming out of the USA that up to $10,000 of student debt was being eliminated for most...

2 min read
The 5 Best Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

As life continues to return to “normal”, whatever this new normal looks like, we are seeing an increase in people...

4 min read
I’m a millennial who grew up in Niagara. Will I ever be able to buy a home here?

The Reality

It seems that every day we read how expensive housing is becoming in Niagara and beyond. 

If you’re not...

2 min read
5 reasons to choose a Credit Union

When it comes to personal finances, Canadians have a lot of choices. It can be overwhelming. While there are plenty of...

4 min read
Should I pay off my mortgage or invest more?

With the current low mortgage rates, I am finding a lot of my members have the same question: should I try pay down my...