Community ATM

Our "Community ATM" is now up and running on Schmon Parkway in Thorold.

Why is this called a "Community ATM"?

This ATM is special because every time it is used, it means money in the pockets of local charities. We will select a different Niagara charity each month, and depending on how much the ATM is used, we'll be making a donation to that charity at the end of the month. This is our way of continuing to strengthen our communities by supporting these important organizations.

If you are interested in being our monthly "Community ATM Charity" please send an email to

Please note, the Community ATM does not support:
• Private schools
• Provincial, national or international organizations where at least 80% of the proceeds/investment does not support Niagara based organization/efforts
• Individual pursuits
• Religious or political endeavours

The Community ATM does not support the same organizations for multiple months during the year.



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