Niagara Shares
Mastercard Offer

Do you hold at least $10,000 of Niagara Shares?
Your PenFinancial Mastercard annual fee is on us.1

At PenFinancial, your loyalty is rewarded

When investing in Niagara Shares, you have always earned an amazing rate of return. But now it gets even better.
Choose any of our premium Mastercards, and your annual fee is reimbursed 100%.1 Truly a win-win.

Step 1


Hold $10,000 of Niagara Shares (or be on the waiting list to purchase at least $10,000 of Niagara Shares)
Step 2


Sign up for any of our premium PenFinancial Mastercards which can have up to 4% back on purchases!
Step 3


Thats it! Your Mastercard annual fee is on us. Simply give us a shout when youre charged your annual fee, and well reimburse the money right into your account. No catch!1

Ready to purchase Niagara Shares and a PenFinancial premium Mastercard?

Download more information and sign up for Niagara Shares by filling out this form. You can choose a Mastercard while meeting with your PenFinancial advisor, or if you’d rather speed up the process, feel free to apply online today.

Niagara Shares Rate Comparison 2024


PenFinancial is proud to announce that our popular Niagara Shares investment paid a 6.00% dividend for the 2023 year.3

We know the importance of consistent and competitive dividend payments. Take a look. Niagara Shares historically pay an extremely competitive rate of return. Higher than our average 5-year GICs. Higher than the average Bank of Canada prime rates.3

FAQ about the offer

What are Niagara Shares?

PenFinancial Niagara Shares, often referred to as Class B Shares, are a great investment option that let you invest in PenFinancial Credit Union by strengthening our foundation for continued growth, which in turn helps us keep delivering on our mission to improve lives and strengthen communities.

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Where you put your money matters, Niagara

PenFinancial is committed to using business as a force for good. Banking at PenFi is about more than just money. It’s about financial solutions that generate prosperity for Members and the communities they live in.

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1Limited time offer. Offer is effective May 1, 2023. Member must hold or be on the official waiting list for a minimum of $10,000 of Niagara Shares at the time of the Mastercard fee being charged and when the annual fee refund is requested by the Member. Mastercard annual fee is refunded by the Member contacting PenFinancial within 60 days of the annual fee being charged to their Mastercard account. Niagara Shares shareholders must request their PenFinancial Mastercard fee reimbursement within 60 days of the annual fee being charged to their PenFinancial MasterCard.  Reimbursement requests received more than 60 days after the date the annual fee was charged will not be reimbursed by PenFinancial. Only the primary Mastercard account holder fee is eligible to be reimbursed. 
2Dividend rates and payments are not guaranteed. Past performance of dividends has no impact on future dividend rates. Shares will earn the same rate as all outstanding Class B Shares, Series 1 of the Credit Union. Niagara Shares are not deposits. Dividends are not guaranteed and may, but need not, be declared on an annual basis by the Board of Directors of the Credit Union in its sole and absolute discretion. The securities are not insured or otherwise guaranteed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario or any similar public agency. There is no market through which these securities may be sold.
3Past performance is not indicative of future returns.