Mobile Web Banking

What is Mobile Web?

PenFinancial's Mobile Web Service allows users to perform banking functions on mobile devices that have browser capabilities. Our Mobile Web Service supports a wide number of devices and therefore is not tied to a specific mobile device provider. Users of smartphones will have the most efficient experience in using this service.

What functions can I perform on Mobile Web?

  • View account balance and activity
  • Perform immediate and post-dated transfers
  • View scheduled transfers
  • Perform immediate and post-dated payments
  • View scheduled bill payments
  • Delete scheduled bill payments

How do I register for Mobile Web?

If you are registered for Online Banking, no additional registration is required. You will simply need your account number and Online Banking password to login to your accounts through the PenFinancial Mobile Web Service at

How is Mobile Web different from Mobile Banking via SMS Text Messages?

Mobile Web allows clients to perform transactions such as making bill payments and transferring funds. Another difference is that phones with SMS functionality have only voicemail and text functionality, while an advance mobile device (smartphone) has full browser functionality.

How secure is Mobile Web?

PenFinancial Credit Union offers extensive security features to ensure that you can conduct your banking in a safe and private online environment. The PenFinancial Mobile Web Service uses 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of security generally available, to protect the confidentiality of member account information and the integrity of all transactions.

What are the benefits of Mobile Web?

  • You can access banking information anywhere at any time
  • You can pay bills and transfer funds at any time which helps avoid late fees
  • You can manage budgets by being able to check account balances before making a purchase
  • You can find a PenFinancial branch or ATM at any time

Is there a cost to Mobile Web?

PenFinancial Credit Union's Mobile Web Service is free. There is no charge to use Regular transaction fees associated with your account will apply. There may be additional costs related to accessing the internet using your mobile device. Please check your wireless plan or verify with your wireless carrier.

What if I lose my Phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen, it is unlikely that someone could access your account information unless they also know your Account Number and Personal Access Code (PAC). However, to be safe, you should contact your local branch as soon as possible.

How do I log in and out of Mobile Web?

1. Navigate to using your mobile phone browsers.

2. Click on the Mobile Web banner on the home page.

3. Click Login In the login section of the welcome page.

4. Enter your login information as if you were logging in on a desktop or laptop computer.

5. Click Log In

The Mobile Web Menu page will be displayed showing the available banking functions as well as non-banking functions such as the branch/ATM locator.

What is Memorized Accounts?

PenFinancial's Mobile Web members can use memorized accounts to speed up the login process. The Memorized Accounts function can be used with mobile devices that have desktop level browsers to "memorize" the branch account numbers for those who access Mobile Web Services. The benefit is that members do not have to enter them each time they log in.

Logging Out

Members logout from the Mobile Web service by clicking Logout on the menu page.



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