What does truly local banking mean to you?

At many banks, it could mean the ability to walk into a branch located in your community. And while we agree with that, at PenFinancial, it also means that we reinvest significant portion of our profits directly back into the local communities in Niagara, like Fonthill.

The rest of our profits? Well they go back into the products and services right here at PenFinancial, Niagara’s truly local Credit Union.

So what does that even look like? 

Let’s give a bit of an example. A local Fonthill resident choosing to invest money with PenFinancial can directly contribute to the lifelong dream of a another new Fonthill resident of becoming a homeowner. Rather than taking the money from one city and it ending up most likely being reinvested into some big condo building in Toronto, it almost certainly ends up helping another Niagara resident achieve their goal of buying their first home, purchasing their first car, or achieving another milestone.

It gets even better though.

At PenFinancial, giving back locally is literally baked right into some of the products and services that we offer. For example, right now we are offering Niagara Shares, our Class B Share offering, which is paying a 6.00% dividend for the 2023 calendar year.1 Niagara Shares are specifically invested back into PenFinancial’s capital base to help us further invest into our mission of improving lives and strengthening communities. If 6.00% is appealing to you, why not get in touch with one of our Fonthill advisors?

You’ve probably seen us around Fonthill 

It goes beyond banking. Dollars matter, but putting in the time to sponsor and volunteer and local events is just as important for us. In fact, we’re excited to be providing valuable informational seminars to Fonthill residents with the assistance and collaboration with local associations like the legion of Fonthill. So be on the lookout for those! The next seminar will be all about estate planning, how you can best plan for your estate, important factors you maybe haven’t considered before, and more! These will come directly from local experts in the estate planning world.

Ready to join Fonthills truly local Credit Union? Get in touch with a PenFinancial representative today, and let’s see how we can help you achieve your objectives while helping the Fonthill community!

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1Dividend rates and payments are not guaranteed. Past performance of dividends has no impact on future dividend rates. Dividend rate paid is prorated if shares were not held for the entirety of the calendar year. Shares will earn the same rate as all outstanding Class B Shares, Series 1 of the Credit Union. Niagara Shares are not deposits. Dividends are not guaranteed and may, but need not, be declared on an annual basis by the Board of Directors of the Credit Union in its sole and absolute discretion. The securities are not insured or otherwise guaranteed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario or any similar public agency. There is no market through which these securities may be sold.

Jack Bedard

Written by Jack Bedard

Jack is an Investment Solutions Specialist at our Fonthill branch, and he is a Mutual Funds Investment Specialist with Aviso Wealth. Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Aviso Wealth, a division of Aviso Financial Inc.