Additional Services

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes are an excellent way to store your valuable information and items. Available at most PenFinancial Credit Union branches in a number of sizes, safety deposit boxes can be used to store:

  • Wills
  • Real estate documents
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Passports and travel documents
  • Jewellery
  • Valuable mementos

Safety deposit boxes can store cash, too, but remember: depositing cash into a savings account  or  means you'll earn interest while your money sits.

Safety deposit boxes terms and conditions

  • Fees for safety deposit boxes are charged annually, and are subject to GST.
  • Renting a safety deposit box is subject to branch availability.
  • Safety deposit boxes are not to be used to store dangerous or hazardous materials.

For more information about safety deposit boxes visit or phone your nearest PenFinancial Branch for availability, current fees and full terms and conditions.

Wire Transfers

PenFinancial Credit Union’s wire transfer service lets you send money to or receive money from almost any country in the world.

Business members: Contact your Commercial Services Manager for direct access to wire transfer services through the internet.

Note that fees are charged for certain accounts to send wire transfers. Contact your PenFinancial Branch for details.

Foreign Currency

PenFinancial Credit Union has USD (American) dollars and European Union Euro in standard denominations at all times.
Members can order other foreign currency. There is service fee when ordering other foreign currency.

Available foreign currency
• European Union Euro
• Japan Yen
• United Kingdom Pounds Sterling
• Argentina Peso
• Australia Dollar
• Bahamas Dollar
• Bahrain Dinar
• Barbados Dollar
• Belize Dollar
• Bermuda Dollar
• Brazil Real
• Cayman Islands Dollar
• Chile Peso
• China Yuan Renminbi
• Colombia Peso
• Costa Rica Colon
• Czech Republic Koruna
• Denmark Krone
• Dominican Republic Peso
• East Caribbean Dollar
• Egypt Pound
• Fiji Dollar
• Guatemala Quetzal
• Honduras Lempira
• Hong Kong Dollar
• Hungary Forint
• Iceland Krona
• India Rupee
• Indonesia Rupiah
• Israel Sheqel
• Jamaica Dollar
• Jordan Dinar
• Kuwait Dinar
• Malaysia Ringgit
• Mexico Peso
• Morocco Dirham
• Netherlands Antilles Gulden
• New Zealand Dollar
• Northern Ireland Pounds Sterling
• Norway Krone
• Oman Rial
• Pakistan Rupee
• Peru Nuevo Sol
• Philippines Peso
• Poland Zloty
• Qatar Rial
• Saudi Arabia Rial
• Scotland Pounds Sterling
• Singapore Dollar
• South Africa Rand
• South Korea Won
• Sweden Krona
• Switzerland Franc
• Tahiti Franc
• Taiwan Dollar
• Thailand Baht
• Trinidad Dollar
• Tunisia Dinar
• Turkey New Lira
• United Arab Emirates Dirham

NOTE! Consider a US Account to keep your U.S. dollars available at all times and to avoid exchange rate fluctuations.



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